Visiting Wineries With A Party Bus

Our goal is to make sure your party has a great time visiting Hill Country wineries.

The wineries have the same goal — and they also want to make sure your visit is a safe one.

We ask that you follow the guidelines below to ensure everyone in your party fully enjoys their visit.

  1. Imagine how you’d want guests to behave if you were the winery owner. Visiting a winery is much like visiting someone’s home; please treat the premises and staff with consideration and respect.
  2. Absolutely no outside alcohol can be brought into any winery. The only alcoholic beverages permitted at a winery are wines from that winery. This is a legal requirement for “bonded facilities” (i.e., wineries) and will be strictly enforced. If any member of our party is caught bringing in outside alcohol, our entire group will be asked to leave.
  3. Even with a designated driver/shuttle bus/limo, public intoxication is still a criminal offense. It is illegal to serve alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person. If you appear to be at or near the legal limit, TABC prohibits winery staff from serving you more alcohol — your server faces serious legal repercussions if they violate this law. If you are advised that the winery can no longer serve you, please do not argue. The management will support their staff. Again, if one person is considered to be over the legal limit, our entire group will be excused.
  4. Your server may ask to see an ID to verify you are 21 or older. Occasionally, you may be asked for ID more than once. (For example, if you purchase wine to take home, you may need to show ID to both your server and your cashier.)
  5. Wineries are not self-service! Only employees may handle open bottles. Please keep your hands to yourself and allow your server to pour for you.
  6. Please respect those around you. Your fellow patrons are also trying to enjoy their tasting experience. If our group is loud and rowdy, someone else’s visit may be negatively impacted. Please show consideration for other guests.
  7. Saturdays and holidays are extremely busy times for wineries. Expect that tasting rooms will be crowded and that staff might not be able to serve you right away. Please be patient if you have to wait and remember that the employees are working hard to serve everyone and ensure a good experience for all.

Our ability to provide you with a great winery tour requires us to maintain positive relationships with the wineries we visit. We want you to have a great time exploring wineries, but we must follow these guidelines in order to continue serving you.

We ask for your cooperation so that our groups are always greeted warmly and enthusiastically by winery staff.

Thanks in advance for being a great guest!