Party Bus FAQ


How Much Does a Party Bus Cost
Our party bus rental prices vary, depending on the desired date/destination and the amount of time spent on the bus. Holidays, weekends, weekdays and weeknights, will all have their own pricing. You can get a simple quote for your party on our Online Quote page or by calling us at 512-705-6655.
How Many People Can Fit in a Party Bus
Our party bus has all of the amenities you would need for a large group of up to 24 people.
Can We Go over Our Max Capacity in the Bus?
No, the bus must remain at or below at capacity at all times. Overcrowding the bus can be very dangerous and our #1 priority on the road is safety. Central Texas Party Bus follows DOT guidelines, very closely.
Is There a Minimum Number of Hours for the Bus Rental?
Minimum times vary depending on the day. Sunday – Friday there is a minimum of 3-4 hours depending on where the pickup location is at and Saturdays, we have a 5-hour minimum. Certain special events including but not limited to sporting events, proms and weddings, have different minimums. Please feel free to contact us regarding your event and minimum rental times.
Can We Drink Alcohol in the Bus?
Alcohol is permitted and you can drink on the bus! There are, however, some caveats with this rule. For example, there is to be no one under the age of 21 years on the bus should you decide to drink. We also cannot buy or provide alcohol, but if you need to make a stop for more, we are happy to do so. We have a cooler and wine buckets but you are more than welcome to bring your own as well. No styrofoam ice chests and make sure your chest doesn’t leak!
Can We Bring Our Own Cooler Full of Ice and Alcohol?
Central Texas Party Bus is BYOB. Our bus has its own cooler but you are also more than welcome to bring yours. Please keep space in mind. Depending on the size of your group, the amount of coolers you may bring might be limited.
Can We Have a Keg on Board?
No. Unfortunately, kegs have a tendency to be a bit messy, so cans and bottles are a far better option.
Can We Bring Food and Eat on the Bus?
Eating on board the bus is not allowed, however, you are allowed to store food in coolers for transport.
Can We Smoke in the Bus?
For many reasons, there is no smoking at any time on the Central Texas Party Bus. We understand if passengers on the bus need to smoke and we’ll happily pull over at the next convenient location. Electronic cigarettes are allowed, but please keep consider the other passengers on board.
What If Someone Gets Sick in the Bus?
If someone begins to feel sick, just let the driver know. We’ll pull over as soon as we can. If you or anyone in your group is prone to motion sickness please be prepared. We have trash bags on board! In the event of an incident on board, there is a cleaning fee of $250.
What Kind of Sound Systems Are in the Party Buses?
Our sound systems are state of the art to ensure the party goes as long as you’d like. Our stereo systems include multiple speakers and woofers for optimal sound, and are capable of playing whatever music you’d prefer from your own devices!
Is Music Provided or Can I Bring My Own?
We always encourage passengers to bring their own devices to play music on their MP3 player or phone of choice. Our bus comes equipped with jacks and Bluetooth connections. Make a playlist or put on your favorite Spotify/Apple Music station, while our driver concentrates on the road and your safety! Please bring your own aux cord in case you can’t hook up to the Bluetooth.
What Other Features Are There?
The party bus has multiple state of the art features including flat-screen televisions, dancing pole, lights and laser lighting, and plush comfortable seating with all necessary cup holders.
Is There a Bathroom?
There is no bathroom on board the bus, but we’re happy to pull over for bathroom breaks whenever necessary!
What Is the Process to Reserve?
First, decide on a time and date for your party. Next, each reservation requires a deposit along with a signed contract to hold the date. The remainder of the balance is due at the pickup time. Please feel free to contact us with any party inquiries!
Are Tastings Included in Winery and Brewery Tours?
We provide fun, safe, quality transportation services to and from your favorite breweries, wineries and distilleries. We recommend calling the venue ahead of time to make reservations for tastings.
Can We Leave Our Belongings Inside the Party Bus While We Attend Our Event?
Of course! Your belongings are safe and secure inside the bus at all times.
Should We Tip the Driver?
Our drivers work hard to keep you safe. Unless a predetermined gratuity has been arranged, we strongly suggest a tip of 15% of your total balance for any trip aboard the party bus.
Who Is Responsible for Damages to the Party Bus?
Accidents happen and we understand that.  In the event of an incident, the credit card used to reserve the bus will be charged to cover any damages. Charges will be accrued for any damage including cleaning of sickness in or on the bus, ripped seats, broken electrical equipment, etc. In the event that the bus is rendered Out of Service, you will also be responsible for any direct losses as a result.
How Long in Advance Should I Book for My Event?
We strongly recommend booking as far in advance as possible. Especially during prom or wedding seasons, six months is suggested.
Can I Change the Vehicle or Scheduled Time After I Have Made My Reservation?
As long as another vehicle is available, you have the ability to change. A changing of time/date is also fine, assuming it doesn’t conflict with another reservation.
Can We Have Multiple Locations for Pick up and Drop Off?
Your reservation time must be taken into account, but our drivers will do what they can to ensure everyone gets home safe and sound.
Can We Solely Party in the Bus and Drive Around Without Stopping at Any Specific Location?
Simply cruising and partying on the bus is not allowed. You may have multiple destinations, but under DOT guidelines, party buses are required to take passengers to a destination.
When Would We Have to Pay the Deposit?
Your deposit is due at the time of reservation along with the signed contract.
Are You Licensed and Insured?
Central Texas Party Bus and its drivers are fully licensed, insured and permitted to operate in Texas. We are in compliance with all state regulations. Before reserving a limo or party bus, we recommend doing your research. Make sure you are dealing with a licensed and insured company that is permitted to operate in Austin, Texas.
What Happens If We Go over Our Scheduled Drop off Time?
Overtime is allowed but depends on vehicle availability. Any time outside of the original reservation will be billed by the half-hour of the hourly rate. There are no extra up-charges for overtime and the amount for total time spent will be due in full at the pickup time.
What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?
We accept all major credit cards or cash. We also accept split payments between any part cash, part credit card, etc. We DO NOT accept personal checks.