Terms & Conditions

CENTRAL TEXAS PARTY BUS will strictly enforce State and Federal Laws and will maintain a ZERO tolerance compliance policy that no alcoholic beverages can be consumed or used by any person not of legal drinking age (21). Any use of illegal drugs, alcohol use by minors, or any other illegal activity will result in the chauffeur immediately stopping and termination of the ride with no refunds. (the purchaser on the front of this contract will be held responsible for any minors found in violations) All U. S. law enforcement agencies have absolute power to stop any motor vehicle for administrative searches. CENTRAL TEXAS PARTY BUS WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES that may occur due to horse playing while the vehicle is in motion or at a standstill, alcohol intoxication, standing next to the door, fighting or any other self/passenger related injuries while on or off any of CENTRAL TEXAS PARTY BUS. NOT STANDING WHILE BUS IS IN MOTION.  We reserve the right to deny any person(s) from renting. NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED IN OUR VEHICLES. CENTRAL TEXAS PARTY BUS drivers reserve the right to have any passengers vandalizing our buses or not following rules to exit the bus with NO refund. The purchaser/renter on the front of this contract is responsible for his or her guests.

(1) $50.00 stolen aux/iPhone cord. (please bring your own aux/iPhone cord) (2) $150.00 for extensive cleanup (spills, trash, food, etc.) NO food, anything edible-yes, snacks are considered food. (3) $200.00 detailing and wax (due to sickness-exterior) (4) $200.00 clean up and disinfecting (due to sickness-interior) (5) $250.00 min. cleaning fee for smoking (6) $950.00.00 per damaged seat-holes/tears/ cuts to leather/upholstery. DO NOT STAND ON THE SEATS (7) $500.00 minimum for each act of vandalism and or damage, (such as damage to TVs, stereo, window breakage, scratched window tint, damage to walls/ceiling/hand rails, lighting, floors, etc.) Any infraction authorizes CENTRAL TEXAS PARTY BUS to charge the credit card of the purchaser for all the damages, regardless of any prior understanding or agreements. If the credit card is unable to be charged, the purchaser agrees to pay for damages and hourly fees in full within 5 days. Renter is also responsible for any other expenses and fees that result from CENTRAL TEXAS PARTY BUS collection efforts.

CENTRAL TEXAS PARTY BUS will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged articles. CENTRAL TEXAS PARTY BUS accepts all major credit cards. Any deposits or payments made will be non-refundable for any cancellation. The remaining balance must be paid to the driver before bus departs from the pick-up address. The renter authorizes the final payment, states that she/he is the authorized purchaser for this rental contract, the authorized cardholder for the given credit card. No personal or business checks will be accepted. As with all contracts, the rental contract between the mentioned person as renter/purchaser and CENTRAL TEXAS PARTY BUS is made with the information and terms given to us. All of the given information from the renter is binding and cannot be changed without CENTRAL TEXAS PARTY BUS acceptance. Reservation cancellations with less than one weeks’ notice will be charged a $400.00 late cancellation fee. Cancellations the day of will owe the full amount on contract. CENTRAL TEXAS PARTY BUS will reserve the said date upon the approval of the purchaser’s credit card as per telephone conversation. The credit card holder gives authorization to use the credit card information over the phone/internet. CENTRAL TEXAS PARTY BUS cannot guarantee the availability of overtime. It is of particular importance that the purchaser makes allowances for anticipated delays and adheres to the agreed time schedule. In the event that the purchaser wants to change the time of the itinerary, they may do so only if CENTRAL TEXAS PARTY BUS can accommodate other clients that booked prior to or after the said time. The Purchaser further agrees to pay additional charges incurred such as overtime, tolls, parking, etc. If customer fails to show at designated pick up location/time and does not inform office, the full amount of contracted time will be charged plus 20% gratuity. By submitting the reservation form, then you hereby agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this instrument.