Organize your Trip to the 2019 Austin Trail of Lights with the Best Austin Party Bus

People walking at the Austin Trail of Lights.

Are you ready to get transported to the spectacle of lights, food, and fun at the 2019 Austin Trail of Lights by the best Austin party bus?

Well, we are prepared as you are; our party buses conditioned for this kind of holiday escapade.

The Central Texas Party Bus Takes You to the 2019 Austin Trail of Lights

You’ll know it’s the stint for the annual Austin Trail of Lights once the giant Zilker Holiday Tree starts shining brightly each night.

This eye-candy was officially lit up last November 26 and the Central Texas Party Bus can take you there.

It’s another wonderful moment to create new holiday memories with your friends and family members by reserving some seats in our party bus or renting the entire shuttle.

No need to wait ‘til you arrive at the Trail of Lights to get a feel of the holiday festivities and indulge in artistic lighting.

Our party buses feature cool disco lights and feel-good music to set you all up for party mood. Moreover, you can enjoy a bottle of ice cold beer or a glass of wine while we take you in between destinations.

How about meeting awesome new folks inside the party bus to share this superb experience with? Sounds absolutely fun, right? Even the kids will remain A-ok throughout the travel time because of our comfortable, indulgent seats.

We got your back from pick-up to drop-off, so you don’t have to worry about a single thing. Eat, drink, and sleep inside the bus and just wake up to the amazing sight of the 2019 Austin Trail of Lights.

Plus, we only entrust the keys to professional and safe drivers for everybody’s peace of mind.

Book the Best Austin Party Bus for the 2019 Austin Trail of Lights

Honestly, when was the last time you organized a holiday adventure with your friends or family without being in charge of the wheels?

We want everyone to enjoy a worry-free ride to the best destinations in Austin all throughout the year including transportation to the Downtown Holiday Stroll.

We have designated pick-up and drop-off spots and we also accommodate bookings from those living outside Austin. This way, everyone can experience what our beloved city has to offer.

The Austin Trail of Lights kicks off on Saturday, December 9, and will run until Saturday, December 23. Feel free to book the best Austin party bus for the 2019 Austin Trail of Lights ahead so you don’t miss out on a hassle-free holiday escapade!